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Give the Trio Clay Gift Set for Oily, Combination and dry skin types.

Clay Mixing and Storage Made Easy!

The Kneader by ClayLove is an innovative tool that makes using clay easy, eliminating the time-consuming and messy process of mixing and storing and allowing you to use clay for up to 12 months in your bathroom or shower. The Kneader helps you simplify your daily routine and these self-care rituals:

Clay Kneader Kit - Clay Mixing Tool and Clay- Gift Set
  • Shave with Clay

    Shaving with clay provides a snag-free, all-natural alternative to chemical-laden shaving gels and creams. Watch how simple it is to shave with clay.

  • Shower with Clay

    A little clay goes a long way in the shower. Just 1/3 cup hydrated clay can give you the rejuvenating deep clean your skin craves, without all the toxic chemicals in gels and soaps. Create your personalized daily shower experience today!

  • A Hair Deep Cleaner

    If you desire clean, soft, luxurious locks, look no further than clay. It replaces shampoo, conditioner and hydrating treatments, making your hair-care process quick and easy. Learn more here.

  • Clay for Acne

    For adults and teens alike, acne can be the cause of physical and emotional pain. See how clay has been used for centuries to reduce the symptoms of acne and how it can work for you here.


“I loved the party! I’ve been a naturalist since March 2009 but it wasn’t until roughly March 2017 that I began to accept my hair, understand it, and seek specific products. So this party was very rewarding because it helped me to understand more about the benefits of clay, alongside providing samples. May I add that I have tried the sample on my sensitive skin and it left my skin really soft!"

"I have been natural since October of 2016 using various sulfate-free products to aid in growing and nurturing my hair. In the fall of 2017, I was introduced to the idea of using bentonite clay. It peeked my interest because I had become interested in trying all natural beauty products. Overall I love using clay and what it does to my hair. My curls seem to be more defined and my hair seems to be less weighed down by the oils that it may absorb from the products that I use. I began using the clay on my face and within a week I noticed my face beginning to clear from the existing blemishes that I had. To say the least, I am very pleased with my skin. As is my husband who has begun using clay to cleanse his hair and face after receiving haircuts and during showers."

My son and I did the masks together. Great results!! My skin was very soft, not dry like I expected. Pores appeared smaller which was what I was hoping for. Shaving is next!! Thank you for a great quality product!

 “As a wife and mother of three, I have been using ClayLove products for about two years. Our household attempts to use natural products when it comes to skin care and topical treatments. I use the bentonite clay daily as a facial wash while in the shower. The Kneader Bag keeps this a clean and easy process.”  

Clay: A Full Body Healing Experience

Clay contains natural calming and cleansing properties to calm acne, detoxify the body and revitalize the skin.

Our clay also provides a head-to-toe beauty solution to all the products currently taking up space in your shower. That’s right, ONE product to replace your shampoo, body gel, face soap and shaving cream! Let ClayLove simplify your shower experience today.

“I've been using ClayLove products now for about 7 months. I use the bentonite clay weekly to deep clean my skin, and the body wash daily. I absolutely love the way ClayLove products leave my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. The body wash is made from all natural ingredients and has a fantastic earthy smell. All the products are very reasonably priced. I will definitely continue to use these products on a regular basis and look forward to trying new products coming around the corner!” – Danielle Maze


"Come by and see me, check out the new products, ask questions, pick up your order or just to get out of the house".         I would love to see you!

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Clay for Underarm

Discover how a simple daily underarm clay pack can remove the bacteria associated with underarm odor AND the need for commercial deodorants.

Bentonite Clay Hydrated 2 OZ
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    ClayLove’s Founder, Cecelia Mims loves to share her natural beauty tips and routines through personalized consultations. Take control of your beauty and health and begin your self-care journey today with a FREE online or phone consultation!

  • Here at ClayLove

    We Believe Earth Provides Nature's Care for All Our Needs.  ClayLove values your business. Thank You and Stay Safe!

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Clay Love is founded by Cecelia Mims who experienced her own healthy beauty transformation. She wants to share her natural beauty tips and easy-to-use products that help people meet their natural skin and hair care goals.

Cecelia does this through a fun, interactive workshop setting now online. Enjoy sharing ideas with friends and learn how to mix clay into your beauty routine. Do you want to learn more about clay and healthy living in a free consultation or workshop? Sign up to host a workshop today!