Own Your Beauty

We help people take control and own their beauty and health with clay-based kits and other healthy beauty products.

What Is Clay Love?

Clay Love offers the best, most effective all-natural and organic clay kits. We make the process simple and easy for people to mix, store and apply our 3:1 clay-to-water formula in our unique Clay Kneader. Store your Clay Kneader in the shower or bathroom for quick everyday use. Clay Love users eliminate the time-consuming and messy process of mixing and storing clay.

Clay Love Kneader & Clay Kits

Our Clay Kneader eliminates the time-consuming and messy process of mixing and storing clay. Mix, store and use for up to three months in your bathroom or shower. No one else has the Clay Kneader or our easy-to-use Clay Kits.

kneader, clay mask mixing tool for easy and less mess when mix and storing clay
  • No Mess, No Fuss

    Easily mix clay in minutes without the mess.

  • Store In The Shower

    Store the clay for easy use in the shower for your face, body and hair.

  • Use Any Clay Type

    Use with a variety of clay types. We love bentonite clay, green and white clay.

  • Create Your Own Mix

    Have fun and take control of your beauty and health by sharing and experimenting with clay-based formulas.


“I loved the party! I’ve been a naturalist since March 2009 but it wasn’t until roughly March 2017 that I began to accept my hair, understand it, and seek specific products. So this party was very rewarding because it helped me to understand more about the benefits of clay, alongside providing samples. May I add that I have tried the sample on my sensitive skin and it left my skin really soft!"

"I have been natural since October of 2016 using various sulfate-free products to aid in growing and nurturing my hair. In the fall of 2017, I was introduced to the idea of using bentonite clay. It peeked my interest because I had become interested in trying all natural beauty products. Overall I love using clay and what it does to my hair. My curls seem to be more defined and my hair seems to be less weighed down by the oils that it may absorb from the products that I use. I began using the clay on my face and within a week I noticed my face beginning to clear from the existing blemishes that I had. To say the least, I am very pleased with my skin. As is my husband who has begun using clay to cleanse his hair and face after receiving haircuts and during showers."

My son and I did the masks together. Great results!! My skin was very soft, not dry like I expected. Pores appeared smaller which was what I was hoping for. Shaving is next!! Thank you for a great quality product!

Host a Workshop

Clay Love is founded by Cecelia Mims who experienced her own healthy beauty transformation. She wants to share her natural beauty tips and easy-to-use products that help people take control of their beauty and health regimen.

Cecelia does this through a fun, interactive workshop setting. Enjoy sharing ideas with friends and learn how to mix clay into your beauty routine. Do you want to learn more about clay and healthy living? Sign up to host a workshop today!