5 Ways Bentonite Clay Improves Health and Beauty

5 Ways Bentonite Clay Improves Health and Beauty

Clay Is Much More Than A Mask

Bentonite clay has been used in health and beauty rituals in many cultures for centuries. Known as “healing clay,” bentonite clay is popular not only as a clay mask but also for reducing rashes and calming bites, stings and even acne. There are so many healthful ways to use this amazing gift from the earth! Let’s explore just a few of the benefits of adding bentonite clay to your daily beauty regimen.

Clay Soothes

Made from minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, and magnesium formed from volcanic ash, bentonite clay can soothe and give relief to rashes, bites and small wounds on the skin by removing surface bacteria, not only relieving the sting but allowing an increase in oxygen and rejuvenation of the skin to take place. Simply form a paste by combining bentonite clay and water, and smooth on the irritated area until you feel relief - then rinse. It’s that simple!

Clay Cleans and Deodorizes

Say good-bye to commercial gels and soaps containing harsh additives, fragrances and chemicals, which can irritate skin and clog pores. Instead use clay to introduce health-supporting minerals, like potassium magnesium, silica, sodium & iron, to your skin (and hair!), leaving it clean and glowing. 

Did you know a daily underarm bentonite clay pack can help keep odor away? It’s true! Bentonite clay detoxifies and supports the effectiveness of natural deodorants.

Clay Gives Hair a Boost


Does your hair look a little dull and unhappy? Give it the shine and body it needs with clay! A clay hair mask or wash will leave your hair feeling amazing, clean, soft, moisturized and wavy. Learn more about how to use clay to improve the look and feel of your hair here.

Clay for a Smooth Shave

Have you tried all the shaving gels, soaps and other lubricants in an attempt to rid yourself of razor burn, rashes and ingrown hairs, but all to no avail? Shaving with clay provides an all-natural, healthy option that leaves your sensitive skin radiant and healthy! Learn about the benefits and how to shave with clay here.

Clay to Reduce Acne

Clay has been used since ancient times to help cleanse and support the skin and is an effective, non-toxic way to get relief from acne for teens and adults alike. It is highly absorbent, which means it attaches to and removes excess oils from the skin, keeping pores clean and free of blackheads and blemishes. Clay absorbs excess oil, exfoliates old skin, tones collagen, cleans pores and removes bad bacteria and metals from old products in the skin. Read more about clay and acne here.

Tell Us About Your Bentonite Clay Experience

What positive effects have you experienced using bentonite clay? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us and share your stories about bentonite clay. Schedule a free consultation with Cecelia, the Founder of ClayLove here. And visit our website for hundreds of recipes, products and rituals that ClayLove offers. Own your beauty with ClayLove today!

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