7 Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

7 Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

During the winter months our skincare products are heavier and focused on maximum hydration. But summer is a time to switch up our skincare routine and opt for lighter products. Here’s how to tweak your skincare regime for luscious skin on these hot sunny days.

Limit Shower Time

It can be tempting to take long showers during the summer months to cool down and wash off the daytime activities. However. it’s best to keep those showers short (so not to dry out the skin) and try a warm shower instead of hot for even better results.

A Gentle Cleanser

Instead of the thick creamy potions you need to clean your face during the cold months, switch to a light foaming cleanser. This allows you to keep your pores clear while still maintaining fresh, clean skin.

A Light Moisturizer

It’s time to swap out the heavy moisturizers for lighter versions. Or, if your skin isn’t dry, maybe even skip the moisturizer and use a hydrating sunscreen to keep the skin dewy and the damage from sunrays to a minimum.

Always Wear Sunscreen

With the summer outdoor fun comes those damaging UV rays. So, no matter how long you plan to stay in the sun, always wear sunscreen on any exposed body part (especially the face and neck) to maintain that youthful glow no matter what your age may be.

For maximum protection, try applying a light serum under your sunscreen to act as a barrier against pollution and other toxins in the atmosphere. If you choose one containing retinol or vitamin C, be sure to use a 30+ SPF sunscreen, as those ingredients make skin a little more sensitive to sunlight.

Soothe Sensitive Skin

Do you have skin allergies during the summer? You are not alone - it’s pretty common. Combat the itch with clay! An application of soothing clay can help relieve symptoms of sensitive skin. Our ready-to-use clays are especially convenient for busy summer schedules.

Exfoliation is Key

It’s time to slough off dry, winter skin! A clay mask can be just the thing for your face, neck and chest. And light exfoliation every week is easy with our Java Scrubber Bar. Try it, we know you’ll love it!

Don’t Forget the H2O

When the summer kicks into high gear, the dry air can wreak havoc on your skin. The best way to keep your skin looking beautiful is to hydrate from the inside out by drinking lots of water. That and tweaking your skincare routine help you maintain your skin all summer long.

Let ClayLove help you create a skincare regimen for every season! Contact us here and let’s create something beautiful together. 

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