Clay vs Charcoal – Which One is Right for Your Skin?

Clay vs Charcoal – Which One is Right for Your Skin?

The world seems to increase in stress and toxicity every day, so self-care has become invaluable to our bodies, minds and spirits. While some things are beyond our control, our skincare routine is not. We can choose to treat our skin to the most healthful ingredients. But when it comes to masks, is clay or charcoal a better choice for you? Here are some of the ways you can be informed and choose which one is right for your skin. 

“Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you a long time.” – Linden Tyler


Charcoal has been promoted as both a convenient face mask, skin detoxifier and blackhead remover. While these are true in theory, there’s more to the story. As a mask, charcoal is available in many useful forms, such as gel, peel and wash off, and it binds to and remove toxins and pollutants from the skin. But because of its chemical nature, charcoal also removes essential nutrients. In addition, the charcoal type used in masks and other skincare products isn’t exactly “natural”, in that it doesn’t exist in this form in nature.

Is Charcoal Right for Your Skin?

Skin type is another important factor to think about if you are considering charcoal. Because charcoal strips away important elements from the skin (vitamins, oils, minerals) and can cause drying, it can have a harmful effect on sensitive, acne-prone, oily and combination skin. 



Clay has a long history as a beneficial part of health and beauty rituals in many cultures. Known as the “healing clay,” bentonite clay is a popular clay mask, in addition to aiding in other healthful ways like, reducing rashes and calming bites, stings and even acne. 

Bentonite is a pure, natural clay, created from volcanic ash containing minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. Similar to charcoal, clay attaches itself to toxins and chemicals and removes them from the skin. But unlike charcoal, clay does not remove the beneficial oils, vitamins and minerals. In fact, clay hydrates, exfoliates and tones the skin, leaving it looking rejuvenated and fresh. It also absorbs excess oil, cleans pores and removes bad bacteria and metals from old skincare products and makeup.

For Optimum Self-Care, Choose Clay!

And the Winner Is…

While charcoal does have its benefits, the choice for the best facial mask is clear. When it comes to fabulous skincare, nothing compares to clay! Go here and treat yourself to the best of both worlds with a homemade mask for blackheads that uses both clay and charcoal.

“Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin.”

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