Cocoa Butter: The Surprising Benefits and Uses

Cocoa Butter: The Surprising Benefits and Uses

Cocoa butter is a type of plant-based fat extracted from the raw cocoa bean, resulting in a thick hydrating cream. Cocoa butter in its purest form is almost fragrance-free, and that combined with the velvety texture makes it a perfect ingredient for beauty products like hair conditioner, lotions, lip balms and body washes.

ClayLove uses cocoa butter in our Clay Body Wash.  It provides all the benefits of bathing with clay and a soft soap too.  Our body wash leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and so luxurious. 

ClayLove’s Clay and Cocoa Butter Body Wash

Did you know? Cocoa beans are native to parts of Central and South America and have been used to create skin products and medicines for thousands of years. The ancient Aztecs and Mayans even used cocoa as a currency.

To make cocoa butter, beans are taken from the cacao plant and pressed to separate the fat (cocoa butter). What’s left is processed and becomes cocoa powder.

 cocao tree plant
The magic is in the bean

Benefits of Cocoa Butter

Moisturizes and Prevents Flaking
Cocoa butter is famous for having natural moisturizing benefits. When applied, it retains the moisture close to the skin, creating a type of defensive shield against dryness, and allowing skin to stay hydrated longer.

This creamy butter is easily absorbed into the top layer of the skin and the dermis layer where the body preserves moisture, which helps prevent peeling and flaking.

Java Scrubber Beauty Bar

Our Java Scrubber Beauty Bar contains cocoa butter to soften, bentonite clay to add minerals and scrubbing coffee grounds in a soap mixture, creating a smooth but powerful bathing experience. It’s an easy way to address rough knees, elbows, feet and soften tough skin.  The Java Scrubber Beauty Bar is also great for hard-working dirty hands and under the arms to remove bacteria.  

Fights Signs of Aging
Cocoa butter contains biologically active compounds found in plants called phytochemicals. These substances are believed to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays and strengthen blood flow to the skin, helping to slow down the appearance of aging. Cocoa butter is also rich in fatty acids, which allows the skin to stay hydrated, toned and more resilient over the years. 

Did you know? You can use cocoa butter to reduce under eye bags and dark circles. The butter contains antioxidants that help skin issues that cause puffiness and discoloration.  

Stop time with cocoa butter

Soothes Burns, Rashes and Infections
Cocoa butter has been used to soothe skin issues like acne, psoriasis, burns, rashes and treat infections and wounds. And because it acts as an intense moisturizer, cocoa butter stimulates skin to become healthier. It can also be used as a skin treatment before shaving to reduce the chance of bumps.

Helps Make Scars Less Noticeable
Cocoa butter is rich in Vitamins A and E, flavonoids, polyphenol antioxidants and saturated fats (from palmitic and stearic acids) and can be absorbed deep into scarred skin to improve its appearance and smooth out wrinkles. Cocoa butter is also popular among pregnant women to prevent and fade stretch marks.

Pregnant women choose cocoa butter

ClayLove and Cocoa Butter – A Partnership for Beautiful Skin
There are so many benefits to using cocoa butter and that’s why we use it in some of our products. Learn how our clay products can help you achieve your hair and skin goals. Visit here and sign up for ClayLove News to receive the latest information about ClayLove events, products and all we have to offer.
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