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How to Create the Best Skincare Routine for Fall

The green leaves of summer are turning gold, mornings are cooler and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air - that means Fall is here! While this season promises fun events like apple picking and evenings by the fire pit, it also brings cooler wind, indoor heating and lower humidity – all of which contribute to dry, itchy skin.

So, it’s time to change up your skincare routine! Here are a few tips to make sure your skin looks fresh and amazing throughout this season.

Don’t Overcleanse

Fall skin need all the natural oils it can create, so be sure to wash less frequently. A daily shower with a mild body wash is all your skin really needs. Try ClayLove’s Cream Clay Bodywash. Castile soap, cocoa butter oil blend, and Bentonite clay are mixed to make a low-suds gentle creamy bodywash. It gives a deep clean and adds minerals, generating smooth soft skin. No need for a washcloth, just smooth on with your hands and rinse.

And after a sweaty workout, try our Bentonite clay. It’s a phenomenal way to relax and cleanse in an after-exercise shower (not too hot – keep it short and warm to avoid drying out the skin) and works to remove oil and sweat from hair. It also helps keep blemishes away.

 Use clay after a sweaty workout to relax and cleanse in the shower

 Use clay after a sweaty workout to relax and cleanse in the shower

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Autumn is the perfect time to allow your skin the recovery it needs from damage (sun, pool water, etc.) it endured during the hot summer months. So, increase your hydrating routine now! If you currently only moisturize once a day and you notice your skin is still dry, try adding another hydrating session with a heavy-duty moisturizer, oil (if it agrees with your skin) or ointment (more effective than a cream). Hydrate the skin immediately after you shower or bathe, when the cells are open and will keep moisture from evaporating.

Headed outside? Remember to moisturize your face and body (any exposed skin) before going outdoors and apply sunscreen (all year round!). And don’t forget to drink even more water during this season and use a humidifier – total hydration from the inside and out.

Go Easy on the Exfoliation

While it may be tempting to exfoliate more during the fall, your skin now needs a gentler and less frequent scrub (once a week). Most of the time a simple bentonite clay face/body mask is all you’ll need. Bentonite clay is known as “healing clay,” is composed of volcanic ash and provides a restorative salve for the body.

At ClayLove, we’ve created our soothing natural mixture of green, white and bentonite clay to fulfill all your bathing needs. (Need your clay to be less drying? Just reduce the time your clay mask stays on your skin – cut the time in half.) And for those rough autumn feet and elbows try our Java Scrubber Bar


ClayLove’s Java Scrubber Bar


Rethink Your Beauty Products

Fall gives you the chance to reassess the products you’re currently using. Trade in those items for more natural, gentle versions. Even your shaving cream can be upgraded. ClayLove's Shaving Clay will clean, heal and soften skin, all while absorbing toxic metal and dirt and adding minerals to the pores. This snag-eliminator clay allows you to have a fast, easy and close shave without the harsh ingredients found in commercial shaving creams.  

Also toss your masks and peels chock full of chemicals and exchange them for more hydrating products.  

Let’s Create Your Fall Skincare Routine Together!

A well-planned Fall skincare routine can make all the difference in how your skin looks and feels. Let ClayLove help you create seasonal skincare regimens for glowing, healthy skin all year round! Contact us here and let’s create something beautiful together. And sign up for ClayLove News to receive the latest information about ClayLove events, products and all we can offer you.

Watch our video on how to do a clay mask, fast, easy and no-fuss.

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