How to Use Clay for the Body

How to Use Clay for the Body

When used consistently, bentonite clay can remove embedded toxins from deodorant soaps and dirt (all of which contribute to creating bad odors). Over time, applying bentonite clay to underarms helps reduce bacteria associated with underarm odor and the need for deodorant. Clay will not reduce perspiration, a normal and natural body process, which helps the body to excrete unneeded substances.

Commercial body washes, gels and soaps containing harsh additives which can irritate skin and clog pores with superfluous ingredients like perfumes. Instead use clay to introduce health-supporting minerals, like potassium magnesium, silica, sodium and iron, to your skin, leaving a healthy glow. Not only does clay provide a comfortable shave, it can also be used to  create soothing face maskshelp reduce acne and support underarm health. Clay provides complete body skincare!

Create Your Personal Bathing Regimen

Each person's routine will look different, but here’s a quick and easy guide from ClayLove.

  1. After squeezing the clay to the opening of your ClayLove Kneader Bag, scoop out the smooth, pudding-like mixture of white, green and bentonite clay
  2. Apply an even layer of clay to your face, creating a soothing clay mask to cleanse and support skin and pores
  3. Next smooth a dollop of clay under each arm
  4. Complete the bathing regimen by applying an even layer of clay to the rest of your body. In the same amount of time it takes to lather soap, you’ll have coated your body with cleansing clay
  5. Now rinse and the job is complete - fast and easy

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