How Using Clay Benefits Mature Skin

How Using Clay Benefits Mature Skin

Clay is nothing new in the health and beauty industry. It’s been used as a beauty aid in many cultures for centuries. This gift from mother earth is known as “healing clay,” and is has so many uses other than just a clay mask - it reduces rashes and calms bites, stings and even acne. But did you know it is also beneficial for mature skin?

Yes, that’s right! Clay can be used to improve aging skin on the face and the body! Let’s explore the ways clay (when used regularly) can help turn back the clock.

What Clay Masks Can Do for You

Clay helps restore skin by encouraging the creation of collagen (in combination with using vitamin A and retinoic)

Clay gently exfoliates the skin, providing a softer, smoother texture

Clays removes pollutants and toxins, allowing for a more youthful glowing complexion

Clay brings revives and tightens the skin

Clay unclogs pores and balances the skin’s natural oils

Clay reduces inflammation

Clay slows the loss of skin elasticity by moisturizing and adding minerals

Of course, you must use clay regularly as part of your beauty regimen for your skin to reap the benefits. So, if you are ready to begin using clay for your mature skin, see our blog posts about skincare routines HERE

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