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7 Simple Steps for Creating a Skincare Routine for Tweens and Teens

Many tweens (kids ages 9-12) and teens are attending virtual classes this year due to stay at home requirements. Some kids say they don’t even turn on their computer cameras during class (because “it’s dorky” and makes people uncomfortable), so having a skincare regimen isn’t a priority for them right now.  

But teenage skin requires attention just like adult skin. And developing a skincare practice during formative years is a healthy habit to begin, because how we care for our skin at an early age determines what it will look like in the future. So how do you create a skincare routine for tweens and teens? Here are seven simple steps. 

Daily Routine

Step 1: Clean

There is no one-size-fits-all skincare regimen because our skin types are as unique as each of us. But we can customize a skincare routine for each type of skin, whether it’s normal (lucky!), oily, dry or a combination of all those. Go here to discover your skin type.  

The first step in a good skincare routine is cleaning. Teens especially need to wash their faces and remove all makeup before going to bed using a gentle cleanser. This practice can make a noticeable difference in the quality and appearance of skin. Not only does a good cleanser act as a makeup remover, it also can help stimulate blood flow and skin cell renewal.

Clean nightly with a gentle cleanser

Step 2: Tone

Simply cleaning the skin may not remove all the makeup and environmental residue. That’s why a gentle, non-chemical toner is recommended. These tone the skin, finish the cleaning process and reduce the size of pores. Learn more about toners here.

Step 3: Moisturize

Keeping the skin hydrated is crucial during the tween and teen years to ensure a dewy, youthful glow. The best option is an oil-free moisturizer for all skin types – they will help keep natural skin oils under control. 

Step 4: Protect

Always wear sunscreen! A sunscreen with a 30+ SPF (sun protection factor) will protect younger skin and ward off sunspots and wrinkles later in life. And using a serum with vitamin C will act as a barrier between the skin and environmental toxins. The vitamin C also encourages the productions of collagen, which strengthens the skin and adds elasticity and hydration. 



Weekly Routine

Step 5: Exfoliate

During the tween and teen years skin cell creation is at its peak. It’s the perfect time to boost the process by beginning to exfoliate. A weekly gentle exfoliant can do wonders for the health and appearance of the skin. Learn more about the importance of exfoliating here. And try our new Clay Mask-N-Scrub. It offers the luxury and benefits that a clay mask can provide, plus the smooth texture of an exfoliating scrub - a fresh, easy to use facial/body scrub and mask all in one.  

Step 6: Detoxify

Bentonite clay is a popular clay mask to use on normal skin (also on the body and hair) for detoxification. Made from minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, and magnesium formed from volcanic ash, this clay detoxifies and exfoliates the skin, giving normal skin a bright, glowing appearance. To learn what clay is perfect for each skin type, go here

Oily and normal/combination skin types should be using a cleanser containing salicylic acid, which helps to control the production of natural oils and keeps the skin hydrated. An even more gentle way to help dry out and exfoliate the skin is using clay masks regularly (once a week). 

Yes Bentonite clay to detox the face for smoother looking skin
Bentonite clay masks to detoxify the skin 

Step 7: Treat Skin Conditions – Acne

Puberty and hormones can add even more anxiety and stress to tween/teen life, causing oil glands to become overactive - generally the cause of oily skin. Not only does oily skin look greasy, but those with this skin type can develop skin problems like acne. 

Tweens and teens who suffer from oily skin commonly over wash their faces and use chemical-laden products to dry out the skin. This is a mistake since those things make the skin produce even more oil. 

 Stressed with screen time and the way your skin looks on camers
Green clay – a natural solution to reduce acne

One way to help alleviate oily skin is by using green clay! Green clay has long been known for its skincare benefits that can be attributed to its unique blend of minerals. 

Green clay is great for oily skin because it:

  • detoxifies and helps draw impurities out of the skin
  • provides a gentle exfoliation resulting in brighter, healthier-looking skin
  • contains clarifying properties for oily, clogged and acne-prone skin

    Applying three clay masks per week for acne reduction, along with clay face wash on the other days can keep the acne-causing bacteria at bay! Go here to read other examples of how to use clay to address acne and a sample skincare regimen.

    And always remember to:

    • clean your cell phone – just think about all the oils and dirt from your phone touching your face
    • avoid touching your face
    • remove makeup before bed – this can’t be said enough
    • eat healthy and stay hydrated

    Let Clay and ClayLove Help!

    Healthy skin starts with healthy habits and those can begin at an early age. Let Cecelia and ClayLove help you (or your tween/teen) develop a skincare routine. Visit our website and contact us for more information. And go here to sign up for ClayLove News to receive the latest information about ClayLove events, products and all we have to offer. 

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