Maskne – The Struggle is Real

Maskne – The Struggle is Real

Wearing a face mask is the “new normal” for most of the world. We wear them at work, in the grocery store and on the street to protect ourselves and others from contracting COVID 19. While face masks may help safeguard against the virus, they can also cause people to develop acne. But the symptoms of mask-related acne (maskne) can be reduced by using clay.

Clay Masks - Face

Did you know maskne isn’t new? It’s been around for a long time, suffered in professionals that require wearing masks and N95 respirators (a very close fitting protective device that provides better filtration for workers). Wearing a mask or respirator for extended periods of time, not to mention the humid air that becomes trapped between the mask and the skin when you breathe, can eventually cause irritation of the skin. That moist, warm environment is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and maskne to develop. 

Ways to Prevent Maskne

Estheticians suggest preventing under mask irritation by wearing a silk/satin mask. And daily face washing with clay (or a weekly relaxing clay mask home treatment) will help to prevent the reoccurrence.

So, is there a natural solution to reducing mask acne? Yes – clay! 


Avoid Maskne with Clay

Clay has been used since ancient times to help cleanse and support the skin and is an effective, non-toxic way to get relief from maskne. It is highly absorbent, which means it attaches to and removes excess oils from the skin, keeping pores clean and free of blemishes. Clay will help to reduce bumps and rashes associated with maskne. Which clay is right for your skin type?

  • Oily Skin Type - Bentonite
  • Combination Skin Type - Green
  • Dry Skin Type - Clay Blend

Clay also exfoliates old skin, tones collagen and removes bad bacteria. Each person will need an individual approach to their skin condition, adjusting products and methods depending on the response. Visit here to learn about how often and how to use clay masks.

 “I love ClayLove so much, especially the scrubs! I feel so smooth and soft after, and I know any bumps that pop up will be taken care of. In fact, whenever anyone in my family has a rash, I tell them to put some clay on it!” – Cheri Winslow

Clay Masks - Body

But clay doesn’t just help create glowing, healthy skin for the face, it’s also amazing for the body. A weekly clay body mask can soothe, clean, deodorize, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. You can even take a bentonite clay bath to detoxify from head to toe. Go here to learn how. 


Clay – It’s Not Just for Faces

If you love the luxury of a clay mask with the added benefits of exfoliation, try our Java Mud N’ Scrub You get the best of both worlds. This product makes it easy to exfoliate the entire body fast and easy.  When you exfoliate with Java Mud N’ Scrub you will be hooked!

“Skin care is like dieting. You must invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.” - Karen Grant


Clay Masks - Hair

Not only does clay provide relief from maskne and help create beautiful skin, it can also be used to clean your hair!  When used consistently as a hair mask, bentonite clay can remove embedded toxins and build-up from hair products and hard water.  Washing your hair for the first time with bentonite clay is different than liquid shampoos (our kneader bag makes the process easy). Once you add a weekly clay hair mask to your beauty regimen, your hair will feel AMAZING, clean, soft, moisturized and wavy! Learn more about using clay on your hair here

Clay Masks = Beautiful Hair

Let Clay and ClayLove Help!

Wearing a mask may be part of our daily lives, but maskne doesn’t have to be! There are so many benefits of using clay on your face, body and hair and ClayLove has all the clay you need. Learn how our clay products can help relieve maskne and give you the skin and hair you’ve dreamed about. Visit here and sign up for ClayLove updates to receive the latest information on our holiday specials, including satin masks. Also, free gifts like - free ornaments, free shipping, and big discounts on beautiful gift boxes while supplies last.
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