My Skincare Regimen - Cecelia Mims, Owner - ClayLove

My Skincare Regimen - Cecelia Mims, Owner - ClayLove

Regimen? Who has time for a skincare regimen?  Most of my days are a blur. I had to find a regimen that worked for my extremely busy schedule. No doubt, my regimen needed to be easy, fast and a one-step process. If there are too many steps, all becomes lost. So, my daily regimen mostly occurs in the shower.   

In the morning, if it is self-care time (usually the weekend) I will apply a layer of bentonite clay (and start laundry while the clay dries). Next, I shower using clay from head-to-toe, followed by exfoliation with the Java Scrubber soap bar. After exfoliating, I detangle and rinse the clay out of my hair, followed by a hair conditioner (or a rice-based hair conditioner). 

My hair is then twisted using ClayLove's oil blend for the scalp, Serein Natural’s Hair Gold, Chubby Curls leave-in conditioner (this is a two-hour process, ugh). I do this two to three times a month. 

Most weekday mornings are a rush and part of my wake-up process. So, I jump into a warm shower and begin by putting clay on my face, and then packing clay under my arms. Next, I brush my teeth (yep, brushing teeth right in the shower). Then it is rinsing, drying and immediately applying the ClayLove oil blend all over the body. For the face, I apply a toner (the Serein Natural rose water toner or Sanita's glycolic tone - I use the glycolic toner no more than twice a week, sometimes I use the Neutrogena non-alcohol toner). My moisturizer is simple - sensitive skin Neutrogena or 2 drops of the ClayLove oil blend.   

There you have it, my skincare regimen.

See a video on how to do a clay mask fast, easy and no-fuss.

Cecelia Mims, Owner/CEO - ClayLove

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