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7 Simple Steps for Creating a Skincare Routine for Tweens and Teens

This teen is happy with her ClayLove mask
Many tweens (kids ages 9-12) and teens are attending virtual classes this year due to stay at home requirements, so having a skincare regimen isn’t a priority for them right now. Developing a skincare practice during formative years is a healthy habit to begin, because how we care for our skin at an early age determines what it will look like in the future. So how do you create a skincare routine for tweens and teens?

Clay vs Charcoal – Which One is Right for Your Skin?

Clay vs Charcoal – Which One is Right for Your Skin?
The world seems to increase in stress and toxicity every day, so self-care has become invaluable to our bodies, minds and spirits. While some things are beyond our control, our skincare routine is not. We can choose to treat our skin to the most healthful ingredients. But when it comes to masks, is clay or charcoal a better choice for you? Here are some of the ways you can be informed and choose which one is right for your skin.

5 Ways Bentonite Clay Improves Health and Beauty

5 Ways Bentonite Clay Improves Health and Beauty
Bentonite clay has been used in health and beauty rituals in many cultures for centuries. Known as “healing clay,” bentonite clay is popular not only as a clay mask but also for reducing rashes and calming bites, stings and even acne. There are so many healthful ways to use this amazing gift from the earth! Let’s explore just a few of the benefits of adding bentonite clay to your daily beauty regimen.
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