7 Tips for Having Fabulous Fall Hair

7 Tips for Having Fabulous Fall Hair

Fall Haircare for Beautiful Hair.

If you live in an area with seasonal weather changes, chances are you’re beginning to experience fall. The warm humid air of summer is now a bit cooler and drier, and those shifts can really take a toll on your hair. Like skin, your hair requires extra care to stay soft, luxurious and shiny. So how can you treat your tresses and keep them healthy during this season? Try these seven tips to help create and keep fabulous fall hair!

Fall weather can take a toll on hair 

Use a Humidifier - The state where I live (Colorado) is a tundra climate and is extremely dry. And the addition of indoor heating in the fall removes even moisture from the air. One way to add moisture back into the air (and your hair) is to use a humidifier. You can even place a few of them throughout your home to keep the air hydrated.

Avoid Heat Styling - Adding heat to already weather-stressed locks can be damaging. Not only does the additional heat pull moisture out of hair, it also increases the chances of breakage. It’s best to allow hair to air dry and be as natural as possible during the fall months to keep it healthy and happy. Maybe use this time to try some fun, new styles, like twists and braids!

Don’t Overwash - Go easy on the shampooing during the fall. Hair needs all the moisture it can get as the weather gets colder and drier, and overwashing can strip hair of its natural oils. If you usually wash your hair every day, try washing every third or fourth day to ensure shiny, healthy-looking tresses.

And sure, a hot shower may feel amazing as the temperatures dip, but that steaming water can also remove valuable moisture from the skin and hair. Instead, try showering with warm water and end with a cooler rinse.

Wash hair with warm water instead of hot 

Wear a Hat - Wearing a hat during the fall not only keeps you warm, it also keeps your hair safe. Exposure to cooler temperatures, rain, snow and wind gusts can rob your hair of moisture and cause breakage. But be careful of damaging hat materials like wool and cotton. Choose one with a satin or silk liner and use a dry oil spray to ensure your hair remains beautiful and hydrated.

Use a Humectant for Natural Hair - Normally humectants work with your hair by removing the water from the air and adding it to hair – the perfect moisturizer! But sometimes, depending on the climate you live in, humectants can cause hair to frizz by pulling in more moisture than your hair needs. That’s when it’s best to add a sealer/anti-humectant to your haircare regimen. Here’s a list of some humectants.

Schedule a Weekly Coconut Oil Treatment - Hair loves moisture during the fall and what better way to combat dryness than with a weekly coconut oil treatment! The oil contains vitamin E, which helps nourish the hair from the inside out, creating more resilient hair proteins. You can even leave it on overnight as a hair mask! Learn how here.

However, coconut oil is not for everyone. And the only way to know if it will work for you is to experiment. You will know after several applications - if the texture of your hair becomes brittle, it means your hair is not absorbing the oil and is actually drying out.

Protect your hair during fall months

Nourish Hair with Clay - Everyone knows clay masks can detoxify and create beautiful skin, but did you know you can also use clay on your hair? It’s true! Not only does clay clean and detoxify hair, it also replaces all those hair products you have in the shower. Let’s learn more about how to use clay to achieve the healthy, luxurious hair you desire.

You can use bentonite clay to help create beautiful healthy hair!

Washing your hair for the first time with bentonite clay is different than liquid shampoos. And our Kneader Bag makes using clay easier. Once you try using clay to wash your hair, you will add this process as a weekly addition to your hair regimen.

Step 1-Mixing
  • For medium/shoulder-length hair pour 1 packet (1/4 cup) of bentonite clay into ClayLove’s Kneader Bag (add more for longer thicker hair) – (you can also mix clay and water in a bowl)
  • Bentonite clay: Add 3/4 cup hot tap water, half at a time
  • If using Kneader Bag, mix clay by grabbing the neck of the bag with one hand and kneading the bottom of the bag with the other hand
  • Continue to mix until the clay texture looks like pudding and cottage cheese mixed together (2-3 minutes)
  • Use S-hook and bag loop to hang in shower

Note: The clay's texture will change to a smooth to a pudding consistency over the next 48 hours. To keep the clay hydrated and ready to use, push air out of bag and flatten close after each use.

Step 2-Wash Hair
  • Divide hair into 4 or 6 sections (optional)
  • Wet your hair
  • Squeeze the bottom of Kneader Bag pushing the hydrated clay to the top (or reach in bag)
  • Apply clay to the hair from roots to ends to cover completely, detangle hair if desired
  • Complete your shower
Step 3-Rinse Hair
  • After completing the shower, rinse hair completely starting from the top of head down to ends
  • For non-tangling results – hold hair at the ends while massaging scalp and finger detangle
  • Rinse hair thoroughly
  • Follow clay cleaning with your conditioner, hair moisturizer and style.

Your hair will feel AMAZING, clean, soft, moisturized and wavy. Go to our website for more information.

Revamp Your Fall Hair Routine - Let ClayLove help you create the perfect fall regimen for your hair. Visit our website and contact us for more information. And go here to sign up for ClayLove News to receive the latest about ClayLove’s holiday promotions and discounts, events, products and all we can offer you.

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