How to Look Refreshed on No Sleep

How to Look Refreshed on No Sleep

We’ve all had those days when people have said “You look exhausted” - something no one likes to hear. But the pressure and stress from a busy career, family life and just watching the news can cause bouts of insomnia. A lack of rest will not only affect your attitude - it can also wreak havoc on your appearance.

Just a day or two without sleep and the telltale signs can be seen on the face: puffy, red eyes, dark circles, sallow skin and deeper wrinkles. But there are a few tricks so you can look fresh even if you haven’t slept.

tired woman working insomnia

Save face (and your skin) with our tips

Tip #1: Inhale an Energizing Scent

Just the smell of brewing coffee can help when you’re trying to wake up in the morning. But if you haven’t slept, you’ll need something extra. Try taking a few sniffs of an invigorating essential oil like tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, orange or lemon. They will help awaken your mind and body and give you that extra pep you need after a sleepless night.

Tip #2: Take Care of Your Eyes

Going on no sleep can really take a toll on the eyes. Treat your peepers to a chilled compress for 10-15 minutes to help reduce puffiness, redness and under-eye circles. A few to try are: used tea bags, metal tablespoons, cucumber slices and a washcloth dipped in cold water. (Be sure to place these items in the refrigerator for at least an hour before using.) 

Tip #3: Jump in the Shower

Try taking a warm shower and giving your skin a good scrub. Try ClayLove’s Cream Clay Body Wash to detoxify and rehydrate your skin. An exfoliation session can help revive your senses and bring back that radiant glow. Our new Clay Mud’N’Scrub, is a fun, natural way to deep clean, detox and exfoliate for soft clear skin that gleams with a healthy shine.

woman shower invigorating refresh

A shower can help you feel and look awake

Tip #4: Drink Water

When you can’t get enough rest, the body goes into a state of dehydration. To bring it back to health, drink plenty of water all day. Hydrating the body from the inside is important to look and feel better.

woman drinking water hydrate

Hydrate to feel and look great

Tip #5: Apply a Hydrating Mask

Treat your skin to a detoxifying hydrating mask to add moisture after little or no sleep. Our Clay Powder Blend is a great combination of Bentonite, green and white clay that cleans deep, adds extra minerals and allows oxygen to the surface for healthier looking and feeling skin. 

working woman clay mask

A clay mask revitalizes dull skin

Tip #6: Try a Facial Mist

Add even more hydration to your skin all day with a refreshing facial spritz. Here are some DIY recipes for homemade mists. Moisturizing rosewater spritz recipe here and learn 5 ways to make your own hydrating face mist here.

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