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Perfect Bath - Body Wash Gift Set

$19.99 $24.99 saving $5.00
Perfect Bath - Body Wash Gift Set

Perfect Bath - Body Wash Gift Set

$19.99 $24.99 saving $5.00

This amazing combination creates the Perfect Bath for you or a loved one! Gift to Someone Special or Treat Yourself TODAY!

This gift set includes three of our most popular clay products: Cream Body Wash, Hydrated Bentonite Clay and a Java Scrubber Bar. Use the bentonite clay and the creamy clay body wash daily, and the scrubber bar to exfoliate once or twice a week and indulge in a full-body, gentle all-natural clay cleaning experience!

How to use: Cream Body Wash - No need for a towel, just smooth a thin layer on with your hands - it's all you need. 

Hydrated Bentonite Clay - This Snag Eliminator Clay allows you to shave your face, legs, head and other areas fast and easy for a close shave with healthy all-natural clay.  Simply apply clay and shave off! 

Java Scrubber Bar - Use this exfoliating soap bar to remove dead skin on feet, elbows, knees - the whole body. Works quickly. For amazing results, use after applying our Cream Body Wash. 

Benefits: Cream Body Wash - You can have all the benefits of bathing with clay and your soft soap too with ClayLove’s Cream Body Wash. The infusion of bentonite clay will deep clean and add minerals, generating smooth soft skin. Our body wash will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and so soft. The relaxing natural fragrance will put you in heaven! 

Hydrated Bentonite Clay - This multi-use clay will clean, heal and soften, all while absorbing toxic metal and dirt from the skin and adding minerals to the pores. Try today for a smooth shave or use as a mask for the face and body! 

Java Scrubber Bar - The body deserves a loving weekly scrub to exfoliate, remove flakiness and embedded dirt for a deep clean and to promote healthy skin.  Finally, an easy way to address rough knees, elbows, feet, and soften tough skin. The Java Scrubber Bar is great for hard-working dirty hands and under the arms to remove bacteria. It's also amazing for a pre-shave exfoliation which allows for a closer shave and reduces the risk for razor bumps. 

For: All skin types.

Ingredients: Cream Body Wash - Castile soap, cocoa butter oil blend and bentonite clay. 

Hydrated Bentonite Clay - Bentonite clay and distilled water.

Java Scrubber - Cocoa butter, bentonite clay and scrubbing coffee grounds in a soap mixture. 

Not tested on animals, just prepared with love from ClayLove.

Gift sets: Available as gift sets.

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“As a metastatic breast cancer survivor in active treatment, I must be mindful of using chemical free products that naturally remove toxins from my skin and leave my skin healthy and moisturized. ClayLove has done just this. Their natural Clay Body Wash, Bentonite Clay, Green Clay and Java Scrubber nurture my skin beautifully despite the chemotherapy that tries to adversely impact my skin. I love ClayLove products and will continue to use them and recommend the products to others.” - Tawana D.