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Clay Love

White Clay Powder Blend - for Sensitive Skin

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ClayLove’s White Kaolin Clay is gentle enough to use every day. White clay creates a creamy soft smooth clay texture that deep cleans, adds extra minerals to the body, while softly exfoliating skin.  Our white clay is designed for sensitive and dry skin types. Try White Kaolin Clay to allow oxygen access to the skin's surface for a healthier-looking glow to the skin.

BenefitsWhite clay can be used to clean soft fine-textured hair.  Using white clay will define curls and add body to soft fine-textured hair and create fuller-looking hair.  Our white clay will help to remove impurities, like dirt for clearer looking skin, oils to help keep away oily looking skin and, dead skin cells which will help to allow that natural skin glow.

How to use: Mix clay according to the directions.  Smooth a small even amount on the face and or body and, let sit a few minutes, rinse and enjoy every day.  Best if applied in the shower.  For hair: wet hair, apply clay from roots to ends, let sit from 5 to 20 minutes and rinse well. Follow with conditioner.  For a mask, apply to the face let sit for 5 minutes or let dry for an even deeper mask, splash water on the face and rub softly.  For easy everyday use, try the ClayLove clay mixing tool, the Kneader Bag.

For:  All skin types, especially sensitive or dry skin types

Ingredient:  White Kaolin Clay, 5 oz

Guarantee:  Our clay has a stable shelf life and will last a very long time when stored in a dry place.  Satisfaction guaranteed



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