About Us

Infuse the health and beauty clay offers into your natural skin care regimen! ClayLove knows that Nature provides all you need for revitalized, glowing skin – that’s why we use clay in all of our skincare products.

What started as a quest to find natural solutions for skin issues has evolved into the creation of a quality clay skin care line — we make using clay easy, convenient and affordable.

Founded in Denver, CO, ClayLove has provided our customers with skin products and regimens – everything you need for beautiful skin! From our soothing Face Mask to our Ready-to-Use Hydrated Clays, from our easy-to-use Clay Mixing & Storing Tool to our Complete Body Spa Kit – all our products are composed of all-natural ingredients.

Let us help you make the right choice!

We show you why and how to use clay and other natural ingredients to achieve the healthy, beautiful skin you desire. And we make it EASY to use clay every day from hair to feet with our one-of-a-kind clay mixing tool – ClayLove’s Kneader Bag*, designed to make mixing and storing clay fast and simple!

We take pride in our mission – to promote clay education, create natural easy-to-use clay products and to inspire everyone to love clay for life!

Here’s to providing you and your skin with healthy clay products,