About Us

Infusing the richness of clay, health, and beauty to your natural skin care regimen, ClayLove aggrandizes the love for revitalized and hydrated skin. Nature provides all that you need and ClayLove always does keep a lookout for you!

What started as a side hustle to find natural care for personal use now serves the entire community with quality clay products while giving back the most sought-after nature’s care in the form of ClayLove — we make using clay easy, convenient, and affordable. Established in Denver, Colorado, we have been persistently serving skin solutions via ClayLove products and regimens from the face mask to 2-minute body wrap and from Clay Mixing Tool to complete body spa kit, since day one.

As a team of proficient skincare experts, we have continually featured archetypal skincare solutions that are healthy and composed of all-natural ingredients. Our journey to ClayLove started 6 years back when our founder decided to live a healthier lifestyle. She began to wash her hair with clay and found it amazing on curl definition and sorting her hair giving a fine satiny look. 

When one of her loved ones developed heavy acne, she effectively scoured for natural products that could aid her. While researching, she encountered the fact that clay can soothe and help with acne and blemishes — the more she researched, the more she fell in love with clay and its multiple applications and benefits. That’s how ClayLove came to life.

Intensive Clay Education that will help you make the right choice!

We provide education on how to use clay, why to use clay, and other natural products. We make it easy to use clay every day from hair to feet and educate just how to. We offer a one-of-a-kind unique clay mixing tool, The ClayLove Kneader Bag — designed to look after your clay mixing. The kneader bag is patented and can only be bought from ClayLove. An easy tool for a fast, safe and economical way to make and store your clays. "We make using clay easy".

We take absolute pride in our mission that fosters clay education, familiarizing the world about clay, the ease of using clay daily, and the healthy love that clay brings for all. ClayLove wishes to make Clay your first love and for a lifetime!

Bringing healthy clay love for your skin.

*The kneader bag is patented and can only be bought from ClayLove.