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             Can Clay Be Used to Improve Acne?

Simply: yes!

Acne is the pits! It can cause so much anxiety on top of the physical discomfort. Many teens are willing to go to any lengths to clear it up, often using toxic facial cleansers and toners. Some even take strong doses of oral-medications, many of which have a list of scary-sounding side-effects. What are those pills doing to their teenage bodies?!? Yikes!!

For many adults with oily skin, the search continues for a non-toxic method to get rid of blackheads and blemishes or to clear old acne marks.

Finally, there is a natural solution that you can feel great about using: clay is effective, non-toxic and great for teens and adults alike!

How does it work?

Clay has been used since ancient times to help cleanse and heal the skin. Clay is highly absorbent, which means it can attach to excess oils from the skin, keeping pores clean and free of blackheads and acne. Clay does all the following:

  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Exfoliates old skin
  • Tones the collagen
  • Cleanses the pores
  • Removes bad bacteria and metals from old, embedded products

What are some examples of how people use clay to address acne?

Every individual will need something slightly different. It’s good to try different approaches, adjusting depending on the response of your acne and blackheads.

My fifteen-year-old granddaughter created her own regimen for addressing acne with clay. She started by using Bentonite Clay and found some success, but she now also uses the Red Beauty Clay Mask with excellent results.  After 2 weeks of consistent use, her acne was reduced by 50%.

My Granddaughter’s Regimen:

Week-1  First she applied a clay mask of Bentonite Clay every night for 5 nights, leaving it on until dry.  After gently rinsing off the mask, she applied a natural acne prevention toner and acne prevention moisturizer.

Week-2 and After  My granddaughter now washes her face each day with maronccon red clay, because it is a smoother clay that provides additional minerals.   She applies the Red Beauty Clay Mask daily as a face wash and her bentonite clay mask once a week. Her clay wash is always followed with a natural acne prevention toner and acne prevention moisturizer.

It is important to note that any skin regimen should also include drinking plenty of water and eating a diet that includes fatty fish, avocados and nuts. Here are a couple great articles explaining how water and key foods help support healthy skin:

The combination of drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet and using clay will develop softer, healthier, luminisce skin.

Are there different types of clay that can help with acne?

Yes, there are a multitude of clays that can help with acne. While they all have the same basic properties, there are slight variations between them.

I recommend Bentonite, a mixture of Bentonite and Green, or Moroccan Red Clay.

Bentonite is especially renowned for its super-absorbent qualities, which makes it a great product for combating blackheads and acne. Using a Bentonite and Green Clay mixture combines super-absorbency with gentle exfoliation. Moroccan Red Clay is a great choice for sensitive skin. 

That being said, it’s good to experiment and find which clay works best for your skin type. Like my granddaughter who started with Bentonite Clay and then progressed to using a Bentonite and Red Clay mixture, each person can hone in on a specific combination resulting in clear, healthy skin.

How can I get started with using clay for my acne?

At ClayLove we know our products speak for themselves. Once people try them, they love them. If you would like a free sample,  send an email to customerservice@claylove.com.

Include your name & address with the answer to one of these question: 

1-Why I want a sample of clay? 

2-Or tell us about your acne regimen? 

ClayLove will send you a sample of bentonite clay.  FREE

Do you have additional information about acne and clay?

Absolutely! Here at ClayLove we know that being well informed about natural beauty products is important. Here are a few other great sources to explain how Bentonite Clay, Green Clay, Moroccan Red Clay and others can work on acne: