Acne + Clay Amazing = Result

Clay Calms and Reduces Acne 

 Acne is the pits!

Acne can cause emotional stress and anxiety on top of the physical discomfort. Those who live with acne are willing to go to great lengths for relief, often using toxic facial cleansers and toners, which can sometimes make it even worse! Some people even consume strong doses of oral medications, many of which have terrifying side effects.

 So, there’s a natural solution to reduce acne?

Yes! There is a natural solution to reduce acne that you can feel great about using.


 How Clay Works to Relieve Acne

Clay has been used since ancient times to help cleanse and support the skin and is an effective, non-toxic way to get relief from acne for teens and adults alike. It is highly absorbent, which means it attaches to and removes excess oils from the skin, keeping pores clean and free of blackheads and blemishes. Clay does the following:

  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Exfoliates old skin
  • Tones collagen
  • Cleans pores
  • Removes bad bacteria and metals from old products
 I love ClayLove so much, especially the scrubs! I feel so smooth and soft after, and I know any bumps that pop up will be taken care of. In fact, whenever anyone in my family has a rash, I tell them to put some clay on it!” – Cheri Winslow

 Examples of How to Use Clay to Address Acne

Each person will need an individual approach to approach acne, adjusting products and methods depending on the response of your acne and blackheads.

 My fifteen-year-old granddaughter created her own acne regimen with clay. She started by using Bentonite Clay and found some success. After just 2 weeks of consistent use, her acne was reduced by 50%!

 My Granddaughter’s Regimen:

She began by applying a Bentonite Clay mask every night for five nights, leaving it on until dry. After gently rinsing off the mask, she applied a natural acne prevention toner and acne prevention moisturizer.

She now applies the Bentonite Clay mask once a week. Her clay wash is always followed with a natural acne toner and acne moisturizer.

Buy clay in powder form (seen above), most economical form.  Or hydrated and ready to use shown below.



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Create Your Clay Regimen Today!

It’s good to experiment and find which clay works best for your skin type. Individuals can develop their own clay combination and daily regimen, resulting in clear, healthy skin. Want help creating a personalized acne regimen? Contact me today and schedule an online session. I’d love to help!

*It is important to note that any skin regimen should also include drinking plenty of water and eating a diet that includes fatty fish, avocados and nuts. Here are a couple great articles explaining how water and key foods help support healthy skin: