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Yes!  A Daily Underarm Clay Pack Will Help Keep The Odor Away.

I now have a peace of mind to no longer use harmful commercial deodorant and happy with my underarms.  With good hydration, watching what I eat, and a daily bentonite clay under arm pack, my underarm odor is not a problem.  My regimen is simple.  While in the shower, I pack clay under the arms, complete my shower including rinsing the clay from under my arms.  That’s it!  Simple. Right? 

Are there days that an underarm odor appears?  Yes.  Because stress, meats and foods like garlic and onions will trigger a smell as our glands do their jobs. A swipe of lemon does the job and takes the odor away.  Just cut a small wedge, swipe over the underarm area and you’re done.  This lemon swipe process will keep odor away until the internal body chemistry changes and the order subside. 

It feels so much better to know that no harmful chemicals will enter my body through the underarms anymore. 
Clay underarm packing is just one of the many ways to take control of the ingredients use in our daily beauty products.



                             Use ClayLove’s clay daily.  Own Your Beauty!