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Why Facials?  Facials improve and rejuvenate the skin, they should be enjoyable, they help to maintain the health of skin and help correct skin conditions through deep cleaning, massage, masks, the right products and treatments.  The skin specialist will provide an analysis to give you support and personalized direction on how to care for your skin.  Our facials are personalized to fit your skin type and may include the following:

Deep cleans


Increase circulation


Relaxes the senses, nerves muscles

Stimulates the skin functions and metabolism

Slows premature aging

Treats conditions such as dryness, oiliness, or redness

Softens wrinkles and aging lines

Helps to clear up blemishes and minor acne

    Make an appointment to try one of the following facials:

    1-ClayLove Hydrating Facial

    For a relaxing 1 hour 15 minutes $55

    The best facial for our Colorado skin, exfoliates while hydrating the skin.

    • Deep clean process - 2 step cleaning method
    • Enzyme mask 
    • Detailed Analysis - advise on skin type and regimen changes or options
    • Relaxing Steam to help soften imbedded dirt, black heads & old product
    • Professional Relaxing Facial Massage
    • Hydrating Face Moisturizer
    • Eye moisturizer
    • Lip Moisturizer

    2-Purifying and Acne Facial

    1 hour 15 minutes $55, ($65 with aleternating option of Microdermabrasion or high frequency galvanic current)

    Helps to clear problematic skin without irritation or excessive downtime.  Deep clean pores using natural soothing minerals, purifying clay and tea tree followed by high frequency galvanic current to neutralize surface bacteria and help decrease the discomfort and redness of inflamed areas.  Or remove excessive dead skin with Microdermabrasion. With either selection skin is left looking calmer, glowing, and healthy. 

    • Cleanse
    • Skin Analysis
    • Mask
    • Prime with serum,
    • Exfoliate with (Altetnating Option) Microdermabrasion– stimulates circulation, oxygenate, increase cell turnover, helps heal after extraction by sparking with mushroom, relaxes the skin and antiseptic effect. Or Enzymes Mask
    • Extraction
    • Massage
    • Prime with serum
    • Mask for hydration
    • Hydrating Face Moisturizer with protection
    • Eye moisturizer
    • Lip Moisturizer

    3-Brightening Facial 

    1 hour 15 minutes $55

    Help to brighten hyperpigmentation from acne scars 

    •  Deep clean process - 2 step cleaning method
    • Prime with brightening solution
    • Enzyme mask
    • Extraction
    • Massage
    • Prime with serum
    • Mask for hydration
    • Hydrating Face Moisturizer with protection
    • Eye moisturizer
    • Lip Moisturizer

       4-Additional Services

    • Ultrasonic Push with Hydration Serum Infusion $10
    • Pressure Point Massage additional massage time $15
    • Brush Exfoliation Cleansing $5
    • Wake up skin with Jade Roller $5
    • Serein Naturals Lip Scrub for smooth soft lips $5
    • High Frequency to Stimulates blood circulation & metabolisms, great for acne relieves congestion and coagulated blood $15
    • Waxing: Arms, legs, Underarms, Lip, and Chin From $10 to $60
    • SPECIAL - Clay Foot Spa while you enjoy your relaxing facial $15



      Facials Performed By Skin Specialist, Cecelia Mims

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      Located in Parkhill, 3600 Dahlia Street, Denver Colorado 80207 on 2nd floor 




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