Simplify and Improve Your Daily Shower with Clay

Let ClayLove simplify your shower experience by replacing all those containers of shampoo, conditioner, body and face soaps and shaving cream with one great product - CLAY!

Wait, I can use clay in place of ALL those products?  Yes!

Benefits of Using Clay

Clay Soothes

In many cultures, bentonite clay is known as “healing clay.” Composed of volcanic ash, it provides a restorative salve for the body. At ClayLove, we’ve created our soothing natural mixture of green, white and bentonite clay blend to fulfill all your bathing needs for sensitive and dry skin.

Claylove’s clay can sooth and give relief to rashes, bites and small wounds on the skin by removing surface bacteria, relieving the painful sting and allowing an increase in oxygen and rejuvenation of the skin to take place.

Clay Cleans and Deodorizes

Say good-bye to commercial gels and soaps containing harsh additives, which can irritate skin and clog pores with superfluous ingredients like perfumes. Instead use clay to introduce health-supporting minerals, like potassium magnesium, silica, sodium and iron, to your skin and hair, leaving clean hair and glowing skin.  ClayLove's body wash is a perfect way to do just that! Buy Here

 “My son and I did the masks together. Great results!! My skin was very soft, not dry like I expected. Pores appeared smaller which was what I was hoping for. Shaving is next!! Thank you for a great quality product!” – Kandi Justice

Clay Exfoliates                                         

ClayLove is proud to offer our Java Scrubber Clay Exfoliating Soap Bar. Finally, an easy way to exfoliate the skin and soften rough knees, elbows and feet.  Use the Java Scrubber under arms to detoxify and support the effectiveness of natural deodorants.

Clay Hydrates and Softens Fast

If you love the luxury of a clay mask plus an exfoliant, try our Java Mud N’ Scrub. You’ll get the best of both worlds! This scrub makes it quick and easy to exfoliate the entire body. Try Java Mud N’ Scrub and you’ll be hooked! Simply massage and exfoliate when you first apply, let dry, and for a second exfoliation process, wet area massage and rinse. Amazing!


Curious About Additional Ways to Use Clay?

ClayLove is proud to offer clay that can be used in so many ways! Not only does clay provide a comfortable shave, it can also be used to clean your hair and body, create soothing face masks, help reduce acne and support underarm health.

When used consistently, bentonite clay can remove embedded toxins from deodorant, hair products, soaps and dirt (all of which contribute to creating bad odors). Over time, applying bentonite clay to underarms helps reduce bacteria associated with underarm odor and the need for deodorant. Clay will not reduce perspiration, a normal and natural body process, which helps the body to excrete unneeded substances.

Create Your Personal Bathing Regimen

Each person's routine will look different, but here’s a quick and easy guide from ClayLove:

  1. After squeezing the clay. to the opening of your ClayLove Kneader Bag, scoop out the smooth, pudding-like mixture of white, green and bentonite clay.   
  2. Apply an even layer of clay to your face, creating a soothing clay mask to cleanse and support skin and pores. 
  3. Next, smooth a dollop of clay under each arm. 
  4. If washing hair, wet hair before smoothing clay from roots to ends of hair. Follow this with a quick and gentle scalp massage. 
  5. Complete the bathing regimen by applying an even layer of clay to the rest of your body. In the same amount of time it takes to lather soap, you’ll have coated your body with cleansing clay.   
  6. One advantage to shampooing with clay is it allows me to detangle my hair while rinsing.  As you rinse and detangle hair, apply a light massage to your scalp.  Yes Pamper me! 
  7. Now rinse and the job is complete! Fast and easy. 

            Want to see an animation showing this process? Check out this video.

             Testimonial:“  I suffer from both acne and allergies and my skin is clear, healthy and bright. The java scrubber bar is used by all in the house. We use it on our elbows and knees to remove those rough dark patches that sometimes form. I also use it on my feet during my home pedicures.  I love this line and will continue to use it. I have purchased a few products for my mother and sister as well who have used their bentonite clay as a hair mask with awesome results.” - Kanishia Kelso-Gadison

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