Yes! Obviously bathing with clay mud is nothing new. 

So many showers overflow with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face soap and shaving cream. Here at ClayLove, we want to help you simplify your shower experience with one great product that can be utilized for every one of your shower needs!

 Wait, I can use clay in place of ALL of those products: shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, face soaps and shaving cream?


Are there advantages to using clay?

In many cultures, bentonite clay is known as healing clay. Composed of volcanic ash, it provides a salve to the body. Here at ClayLove, we’ve created our patented mixture of green, white and bentonite clay that can fulfill all your bathing needs.

Clay can sooth as well as speed the healing of rashes, bites and small wounds on the skin by removing surface bacteria.  This increases the skin’s oxygen, rejuvenating the epidermis. 

Another advantage of using clay to bathe is that it can reduce the need for deodorant. Click here for more info.

There’s no need to use commercial gels or soaps with lye, which can irritate the skin or  clog the pores with superfluous ingredients like perfumes. Instead, clay introduces health-supporting minerals- like potassium magnesium, silica, sodium & iron- to your skin and hair.  The results? All-natural clay will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

How do I shower with clay?

Each person's routine will look different, but here’s ClayLove’s quick and easy guide:

** Note: Only use a small amount of clay- about a third cup hydrated. A little clay goes a long way! **

 After squeezing the clay to the opening of my ClayLove Kneader Bag, I scoop out the smooth, pudding-like mixture of white, green and bentonite clay.  

  1. I apply an even layer of clay to my face, making a nice clay mask to heal and support my pores.
  2. Next, I smooth a dollop under each arm.
  3. If it is a hair washing day, I wet my hair before I smooth clay from my roots to ends. I follow this with a quick and gentle scalp massage.
  4. I complete my wash by applying an even layer of clay to the rest of my body. In the same time it takes for a soap lather, I have coated my body with cleansing clay.  
  5. One advantage to shampooing with clay is that the slip allows me to detangle my hair while rinsing, eliminating the need to wrestle with a comb later.  As I rinse & detangle my hair, I again provide a light, simple massage to my scalp. 
  6. After rinsing the rest of my body, the job is complete!
  7. Stepping out of the shower, I am confident in having treated my body to a non-toxic, cleansing experience that leaves my skin soft every time.  
  8. To complete the process, I apply natural moisturizers on my skin and hair to keep them radiant and healthy all day.

Want to see an animation showing this process? Check out this video.

While I see all the amazing benefits of bathing with clay, I really love using body wash. Do you have any products that provide a kind of blend of clay and soap?

You’re in luck! Our Clay Body Wash is the perfect blend of clay and soap- it is a clay-based liquid body wash with Castile soap, a great meeting place for those who love suds but want the benefits of bathing with clay.

I tend to have really dry skin on my knees and elbows. Can bathing with clay provide the necessary exfoliation?

ClayLove is proud to bring you the Java Scrubber Clay Scrubbing Bar. This wonderful bar can help deep clean and exfoliate the body, and it is especially great for elbows and knees.  

Do you have other products that can enhance my experience with clay?

How about a facial mask for the body? Apply this 2-Minute Body Mask in the shower, let it sit for only two minutes and then rinse for an even deeper level of clean, soft skin.

Are there other articles I can read about the advantages of bathing with clay?