Instructions for Clay Use on Hair

Washing your hair for the first time with bentonite clay is different than liquid shampoos. The kneader bag has made the process easier. Once you try using clay to wash your hair, you will add this process to your hair regimen weekly.

Enjoy your clean elongated curls.

Step 1-Mixing

  • For medium length hair (shoulder length), pour 1 packet (1/4 cup) of bentonite, green, red or citrus blend clay in the Kneader Bag (add more for longer thicker hair)
  • Bentonite: Add 3/4 cup hot tap water, half at a time.
  • Green: Add 1/2 cup warm tap water.
  • Citrus Blend: Add 1/2 to 3/4 cup of hot tap water
  • Mix clay by grabbing the neck of the bag with one hand and kneading the bottom of the bag with the other hand
  • Continue to mix until the clay texture looks like pudding and cottage cheese mixed together (2-3 minutes)
  • Use S-hook and bag loop to hang

Note:  The clay's texture will change to a smooth to a pudding consistency over the next 48 hours.  To keep the clay hydrated and ready to use, push air out of bag and flatten close after each use.

Step 2-Wash Hair

  • Divide hair into 4 or 6 sections (optional)
  • Wet your hair
  • Squeeze the bottom of Kneader bag pushing the hydrated clay to the top (or reach in bag)
  • Apply clay to the hair from roots to ends to cover completely, detangle hair if desired
  • Complete your shower

    Step 3-Rinse Hair

    • After completing the shower, rinse hair completely starting from the top of head down to ends
    • For non-tangling results – hold hair at the ends while massaging scalp and finger detangle
    • Rinse hair thoroughly
    • Follow clay cleaning with your conditioner, hair moisturizer and style.

    Your hair will feel AMAZING, clean, soft, moisturized and wavy

    Sensitivity Test: A sensitivity test is recommended before use. 48 hours before full application test the clay on a small spot on the side of the face or neck. If there no change of concern to the area, then you can proceed. Consult your physician if you have questions or concerns occur.

    If desired, do a strand test on a section of hair for the first-time use. Apply to a small section of hair, let sit 2 minutes and check texture, if normal continue with washing.

    Notes: For external use only

    Packing clay to the scalp will require extra rinsing to remove clay from scalp.

    Clay can be slippery on shower floor make sure tub is protected with a non-slip surface.
    If clay powder gets in eyes flush with liberal amounts of fresh water. Eyelids may become sticky. Avoid rubbing eyes. If irritation develops, seek medical attention.

    This clay has no additives and has not been tested on animals.

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