Although this pandemic has stolen my ability to have a face to face talk at some of the 2020 local events, we should not let it stop us from communicating.

Please contact me, Phone, Zoom, Email, Text whatever you like.

We need to stay connected, share and be there for one another.

I miss talking to you about clay, the many benefits of clay and how clay can help with acne, pores, how ClayLove's products can smooth and soften skin all while adding mineral to the body.


At my many booths in 2019, I listened to many who discussed their natural hair and skin care journey’s and sold lots of ClayLove's products.  And I look forward to having that experience again soon.


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 We have a new product in production that will blow your mind and have you turning flips!

We take pride in making natural skin care easy. 

Just wait until you see this new unique wonderful combination. 


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 If you know me, you know that I am a huger! Virtual Hugs People!