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About Clay
The use of clay as a beauty product is as old as humankind.

Bentonite Clay
Bentonite clay is a dirt mixture that includes volcanic ash, which provides natural healing and cleaning properties.

Review the safety data and specifications sheets for more information on clay.

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Instructions for Clay Use on Hair
Washing your hair for the first time with bentonite clay is different than liquid shampoos.

Instructions for Clay Use on Skin and Face
Washing your face or body for the first time with clay is different than soap.

Acne and Clay with Amazing Results                                                                        With the regimen that fits your skin type, reduction of acne with clay is fast and healthy.

Shower with Clay Daily                                                                                              Using clay daily will generate soft, smooth and clean skin while adding minerals.

Clay Underarm Pack Can Help Reduce Underarm Orders                                       A daily pack of clay under the arms as part of your daily shower routine is an easy way to work toward no longer using toxic brand deodorants.

Using Clay to Shave, Heads, Beards, Legs, Underarms and More                           Yes Shaving with Clay is Easy Smooth and Healthy