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Clay Love

Cream Clay Body Wash

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Contains 8.0 oz.

The best of both worlds, Castile Soap, Cocoa Butter oil blend, and Bentonite clay now together to make a low suds gentle creamy body wash.  You ask for it and here it is, now you can have all the benefits of bathing with clay and your soft soap too, with ClayLove’s new body wash.  Bentonite clay will deep clean and add minerals generating smooth soft skin.  No need for a towel, just smooth on with your hands.  Our body wash will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and so soft.  The relaxing natural fragrance will put you in heaven.  



Take a toxin-free route to flawless skin

 Soak it all in and appreciate nature’s blessing – avail of products that can work wonders for health and beauty.