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Clay Love

Java Scrubber Exfoliating Clay Soap Bar

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The body deserves a loving weekly scrub, exfoliate, remove excess skin, embedded dirt for deeply clean, and healthy skin.  Java Scrubber ingredients have cocoa butter to soften, bentonite clay to add minerals, and scrubbing coffee grounds in a soap mixture creating a smooth but powerful bath.   Finally, an easy way to address rough knees, elbows, feet, and soften tough skin.  The Java scrubber is also great for hard-working dirty hands and under the arms to remove bacteria.  Hey, do you shave?  The Java Scrubber is amazing for a pre-shaving exfoliation which allows for a closer shave and reduces the risk for razor bumps.   Once you try it, you will never go back. Give your body a once a week uplift with the long-lasting Java Scrubber bar. 



Take a toxin-free route to flawless skin

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