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Clay Love

Clay Mixing Tool, Kneader Bag Kit

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Now patented! Our Clay Kneader comes with a kneader bag for mixing your clay easy and fast, bentonite clay, hook, and instruction sheet. Our clay kneader eliminates the time-consuming and messy process of mixing and storing clay.  Easy to mix store all in one keeping your clay moist and safe and hang in the shower.   When ready to use, just scoop out of the Kneader bag for a fast mask or ready to use for your daily all-over, even shampooing hair right in your shower.  Making using clay easy and fast!

  • Easily mix clay in minutes without the mess.
  • Store the clay for easy use in the shower for your face, body and hair.
  • Use a variety of clay types. We love bentonite clay, green and white clay.
  • Have fun and take control of your beauty and health by sharing and experimenting with clay-based formulas.

Watch how to use it HERE.



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