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2-Minute All-Over Body Mask

2-Minute All-Over Body Mask

2-Minute All-Over Body Mask


Contains 3.5 oz.

Our NEW Line of hydrated clays makes using clay easy, fun and fast for the whole family!  Ready to useOpen the jar, scoop out the clay, and spread it all over the body. Wait two minutes and Voila! Feel the softness of an all-over body mask. What do you do while the mask is loving you? How about brush teeth, wash/condition hair, exfoliate feet, detox underarm, start a face routine - just to name a few tasks to complete while you wait for the Clay to work its magic. Then rinse and go. It's as simple as that! ClayLove’s 2-minute body mask makes it easy to give your body the special treat of an all-natural all-over mask. 

Benefits: A mixture of Bentonite, Green and White Kaolin clay provides a gentle deep clean and removal of unwanted toxins and bacteria. With regular applications, our clay mixture helps remove rashes, acne and blemishes on the face, legs, back - all over the body - while gently exfoliating skin, encouraging new skin cells to surface for an immediate softening effect.

For:  The 2-minute body mask is designed for all body types.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Green Clay, White Kaolin clay, distilled water, spearmint/eucalyptus oil. Also available unscented. No preservatives, no stabilizers, or any other additives. This blend comes in a cute little 3.5 oz reusable glass jar.

Guarantee: The tightly sealed jar allows the clay to last and last. Guaranteed to have a 6-month shelf life or money back!

Not tested on animals, just prepared with ClayLove’s love. 

Gift sets: Available as gift sets - an easy, fast, fun way to try different clays for face, body and hair. Enjoy your 2-minute body mask!

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“As a metastatic breast cancer survivor in active treatment, I must be mindful of using chemical free products that naturally remove toxins from my skin and leave my skin healthy and moisturized. ClayLove has done just this. Their natural Clay Body Wash, Bentonite Clay, Green Clay and Java Scrubber nurture my skin beautifully despite the chemotherapy that tries to adversely impact my skin. I love ClayLove products and will continue to use them and recommend the products to others.” - Tawana D.