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Clay Love

White Clay for Dry or Sensitive Skin

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Contains 3.5 oz.

White Clay is the Perfect Introduction to Using Clay for Healthy, Radiant Skin!  

New to using clay for beautiful skin? Try a jar of our hydrated white clay! This luxurious clay works with any skin type and gently cleans, detoxifies and hydrates. People with sensitive skin generally experience reactions to makeup, cleansers and the environment, and they can have issues like excessive dryness and redness. This type of skin needs special attention and gentle care. White clay, a milder clay, is perfect for sensitive skin and also works with all skin types. 

And this hydrated clay comes with a free application brush! Available scented or unscented.

How to use: Open a jar, scoop out the clay, and spread all over the body (head to toe). Wait two minutes and Voila! Feel the softness of an all-over body mask. What do you do while the clay is loving you? How about brush teeth, wash/condition hair, exfoliate feet, detox underarm, start a seasonal face routine. Then rinse and go. It's as simple as that!

BenefitsWhite Clay is a softer clay and works wonders on sensitive skin. It's a gentle facial cleanser and exfoliates. It revives dull skin and draws impurities from pores. It works with the skin to reduce the signs of aging.

Ingredients: White kaolin clay, distilled water. No preservatives, no stabilizers, or any other additives. This blend comes in a cute little 3.5 oz. reusable glass jar.

Guarantee: The tightly sealed jars allow the clay to last and last. Guaranteed to have a 6-month shelf life or money back!

Not tested on animals, just prepared with love from ClayLove. 

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"I began using ClayLove's clay a couple weeks back & literally use it every other day. I absolutely love it! I was looking on your website & your prices are fantastic. Thank you!” - Paula R.



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